Leaning Figure

12x21.5, Pastel, Private collection

Sitting Figure

8x10, charcoal, Private collection

Steal a kiss

11x14, Pastel 2014 Collected by the Sobels


10x15, Charcoal on grey paper, private collection, 2013

Hide and seek with mom

16x20, oil on canvas, collected by Kitty Liu, 2013

Laurie and Elizabeth

8x10, Charcoal on white paper, collected by the Sniders, 2013

The Venugopals in traditional costumes

16x20, oil, 2012 Collected by the Venugopals

Mr. Hu

16x20, oil, 2012 Collected by George Hu


11x14, oil, 2010 Collected by Shawn Tavakoli
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